Miho Kaneko

Miho Kaneko

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Miho Kaneko 金子 美穂 used to be a U-15 Japanese Junior Idol. Born in 1996 at the 13th October. Miho Kaneko is 159 cm tall (63 in, 5 ft 2 in), she decided to not tell her weight and her shoe size is 22 cm. Miho Kaneko lives in Kanagawa Prefecture and likes Cooking, Poetry, Beads and Reading. Miho Kaneko’s Speciality is Piano and two sports she have played is Swimming and Dodgeball.

Miho Kaneko have starred in 222 or more image sets and 33+ videos, but she stopped being a Junior Idol.

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Himari Nikura

Himari Nikura Profile

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Himari Nikura 新倉ひまり is a 9 year old Japanese Junior Idol and a very beautiful girl. In her videos she generally wear bikinis that is quite small. Himari Nikura have starred in at least 5 videos.

Although she isn’t very known, most that have seen her videos agree that her videos is very good.

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Aoi Kako

Aoi Kako Profile

Aoi Kako in a pool

Kako Aoi 葵 果子 used to be a  Japanese Junior Idol in the U-15 category. She Graduated November 26, 2008 (meaning she is no longer a Junior Idol).

Aoi Kako is born in 1997 at October 22. When she was still a Junior Idol she was 127 cm tall (50 in, 4 ft 1 in), she decided to not reveal her weight but had, and most likely still has, a very beautiful and slim body. Her shoe size used to be 21.5 cm.

Darts is one of the Sports Aoi Kako have played and her hobbies used to be Karaoke, playing as a reporter and Painting. Aoi Kako‘s Specialty was to dance.

Aoi Kako was a popular Junior Idol but is most likely less known now since she graduated.

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Momo Shiina

Momo Shiina Profile

Momo Shiina in the kitchen

Momo Shiina 椎名 もも is a Japanese Junior Idol in the U-15 category. born in 1997 at the 6th August. Momo Shiina is 152 cm tall (60 in, 4 ft 11 in), weight 32 kb (70.5 lbs) and her shoe size is 23 cm. Momo Shiina lives in Tokyo and likes cooking aswell as ballet. Momo Shiina’s Speciality is Marathon and swimming and one of the sports she have played is Figure skating.

Momo Shiina is one of the favorite Junior Idol among many and she have starred in ~186 Image Sets and more than 50 videos. She have also been in various TV shows and interviews.

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