Aoi Kako

Aoi Kako Profile

Aoi Kako in a pool

Kako Aoi 葵 果子 used to be a  Japanese Junior Idol in the U-15 category. She Graduated November 26, 2008 (meaning she is no longer a Junior Idol).

Aoi Kako is born in 1997 at October 22. When she was still a Junior Idol she was 127 cm tall (50 in, 4 ft 1 in), she decided to not reveal her weight but had, and most likely still has, a very beautiful and slim body. Her shoe size used to be 21.5 cm.

Darts is one of the Sports Aoi Kako have played and her hobbies used to be Karaoke, playing as a reporter and Painting. Aoi Kako‘s Specialty was to dance.

Aoi Kako was a popular Junior Idol but is most likely less known now since she graduated.

Websites with Aoi Kako material:

Junior Idol U-15 blog – Aoi Kako

Akiba Online – Aoi Kako


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